Std. 7 Home Learning Videos Collection 2021

Online Learning: Gujarat Gujarat State Education Department has started an online program for all the children of Gujarat. The program has been so successful that it has benefited so much that the children are not forced to take tuition. No child has to pay tuition fees. The children have stopped watching tuition and started watching videos. The video is nice. No child needs to go to the teacher in any tuition. The people who were running the tuition also find it acceptable that even if I really do tuition, I don’t get good videos. The station also shows videos of some children who are going to tuition. For all the students who are going to tuition, some students even want a video of the attack in tuition. There is a nice fun video program that doesn’t fall. Since the video covers every chapter in each subject, tuition is done for one or two subjects but I didn’t.

Gujarat E-class Videos Std.7

It has become a very important thing for every parent and student to cover all the topics rather than tuition as it is better to watch videos of the attack sitting at home for free than to spend on tuition and that too on TV. Not even the cost of the channel is a nice fun education department program and the important thing is that even if you missed watching it on TV, there is no need to worry now but the link of the video has been put up by Bhai Saheb every day and the sex of youtube can be seen every day. You can watch the video every day from the link that is placed in the group without missing a single day. Great fun when you should let go and let creativity bathe in your own education


22-07-2021 ગણિત/ અંગ્રેજી VIDEO
23-07-2021 વિજ્ઞાન/ગુજરાતી VIDEO
24-07-2021 પ્રવૃત્તિસભર કાર્યક્રમ VIDEO
26-07-2021 સા.વિજ્ઞાન/ અંગ્રેજી VIDEO


There are some children in Gujarat who do not have any facilities, they do not have the convenience to save the text books that they have given or given to them from their given school as those children who do not even have a house to live in What can be done for the children who have difficulty in saving textbooks if they have difficulty in saving textbooks for the children who have made their home out of plastic and made walls out of bamboo out of wood. Concerns for such children have been raised by the department. The children and teachers can be taught through education or the teachers can be taught by the group and in the group the child who has a TV can be connected with the child. How to watch all the kids on TV who don’t really have any digital facilities or can’t use the online network The question has been raised by all the concerned teachers and the children who have facilitated them can go to their homes and keep their parents with them so that they can see the convenience. A nice fun online program has been put up by the education department.