Std.11 Physics Home Learning Videos

Std.11 Physics Subject Home Learning Videos – Gujarat e-class Std.11 Physics Videos

Home Learning Videos:

Due to the current Corona epidemic in the current Education academic year 2020-21, students cannot be called to school for Educational work. Online home learning has been introduced at the state level so that the academic work of the students is not spoiled. Online Home Learning was started from 15th June 2020 for the students of Std. 1 to 5, Std. 6 to 8 and Std. 9 to 12 from the state level for the academic work of the students.

Home Learning Videos Std.1 to 12:

Online Home learning has been introduced for students of Std. 1 to 12 in the current academic year. Content based videos/ educational lessons prepared for the students are broadcasted through TV  Doordarshan Kendra DD Girnar Channel / gujarat E-class YouTube channel- Diksha portal. Through this digital medium students are getting education at home.

Std.11 Physics Home Learning Videos:

Online Home Learning Videos of Std. 1 is broadcast on Gujarat e-class youtube channel. You can easily watch the Standard 11 Physics subject videos Unit wise Collection from here by following the link given below.