Std. 10 Home Learning Videos Collection 2021

E-Learning: all the students have to watch the video given here in a systematic way every day. Sometimes, if you have to go to an event or a wedding, take special care that the video of your origin is incomplete and no cotton is left in you. You can watch any of the remaining videos from this link. If yesterday’s video is left, it can be watched today, but if all the previous videos are left, then 50 can never be removed and the problem is Sir You should watch videos every day so that there is not a single day left.

Gujarat E-class Videos Std.10

The deeper the roots, the deeper the knowledge of education, the more any child starts from his roots and if he takes 50 to the roots, he should never run and his concern is Gujarat state education. The department has done and a program has been started in all the standards for all the children to get a good education from the very beginning and only with the help of one program all the students can increase their knowledge by watching the video of the syllabus as per the unit given in each text book.



22-07-2021 વિજ્ઞાન VIDEO
23-07-2021 વિજ્ઞાન VIDEO
24-07-2021 વિજ્ઞાન VIDEO
26-07-2021 વિજ્ઞાન VIDEO


Children who have been lying on their mobiles all day and warming up should watch the video of the program of all the children. Increase their knowledge of their own standard subjects which were some tough points. All the tropicos that are not known have been learned through the program and only the bad ones of mobile have been removed. Such a fun program of the education department is praised by all the parents of the state of Gujarat and indeed this program was started by the Gujarat education department.


There are many benefits of the online program launched by the Gujarat Education Department. Some children are just playing games on their mobiles all day long. Their parents, siblings, grandparents explain a lot to the children but they are addicted to mobiles. Not only is it going on and it is improving but since the online program was started by the Department of Education it has changed the children and a lot of the kids have seen improvement they are pointing out to be video games and making it so nice. That children are very interested and their knowledge has increased.


All the children benefit from this and the main fruit of this will be given to the Gujarat education department in the future. All the children will not be deprived of education and will get the best education.