GSEB Std.12 Result Prepare Guidelines

GSEB ધોરણ 12 પરીક્ષા 2021 ના પરીણામ અંગેની નીતિના અંશો.

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ધો.12 પરિણામ નું પરિણામ કેવી રીતે તૈયાર થશે અહીંથી જુઓ..

1 Commuter – Introduction Khutar is a multipurpose device used to solve many kinds of problems in different fields. The way we live, work and communicate has changed with the use of Commits. The commuter is useful in industry, government, education, research as well as entertainment.

Kubuter is currently used for a variety of tasks ranging from simple everyday business activities to astonishing work. This is why the computer is called a multi-purpose machine. sul sugeel naugh (Worlding of a Typical Computer): The way a facilitator calculates, the driver drives a car and the painter draws a picture, the way a pigeon calculates.

The calculation here is not limited to mathematical calculations but also includes many functions in which different types of logic are used. We have to prepare a systematic guide for the solution of any task (ta ask), in which each functional steps are clearly described. This guide, which is usually written in plain English, is called an algorithm. Giving the commuter the right set of instructions (Bet of instructions) can help him to prepare the ticket, mark sheet, print the business report, communicate the message and make the bill.

In addition to literal and statistical information, Kabutar is also used for Winnie the Pooh, videos, pictures and animations. Giving date and sequential instructions to the pigeon it performs the calculation and prepares the result or works for the output. The set of instructions that the pigeon user gives to the pigeon is called input. Khutar processes this input and gives the result to the user. This program is called output.

The computer can remember these days, notifications and the result after it has been stored in memory for reuse. This simple flow of commuter operation is shown in Figure 1.1. Users Input “Takes data and instructions from Process Remembers data and executes instructions. Output Presents results to the users. Figure 14: Typical Computer Procedure We have to re-enter the data in proportion. A set of instructions that are converted into machine language, called a program, are stored once in a computer.